Ariana Grande & Jai Brooks– Together?

   Lately there has been a lot of talk about Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks getting back together. Ariana was seen apparently at the Janoskian’s mansion wearing a “Dirty Pig” shirt, Janoskian merchandise. While this may or may not be true, that still is not confirmation of the two being together. 

   A long time ago, Jai made a statement saying that Ariana has been cheating on him with Nathan Sykes. Of course after seeing that tweet, most Janoskianators went after the Arianators and Ariana as well sending threats. Not only did they do it, but Arianators got just as mad and went right for the Janoskianators and Jai! Now.. 

Here’s what I THINK about the situation.

   Jai and Ariana both confirmed their break up, BEFORE all of this drama. You know what makes absolutely no sense? Two days before Jai claimed that Ariana cheated on him, he talked about the two being “Good friends” still. My question is, if the two were “Good friends” at the time, why did Jai all of a sudden make these rumors as soon as Ariana started dating Nathan? It just does not tie together. The timing is off. Clearly, you can see that Jai was trying to set something up, but the plan did not work well as a lot of people realized this. Also, Ariana would not be stupid and cheat on Jai? Why? Number one, she’s a good person on the inside. (Coming from somebody who has known her since her fetus days) And two, the attention she would get. She knows that if she cheated, it would end up on the media and something could happen to her career. Therefore, why would Ariana cheat? She clearly loved Jai, and he always made her happy. During her tour, The Listening Sessions, she broke into tears while singing “Honeymoon Avenue” on stage. This could have meant something. If we look at the Janoskianators point of view, of COURSE they would want to believe what Jai says. Jai is their idol. Your instinct is to believe that your idol is absolutely correct and does not lie. But if you look closely, you can see that there is no actual proof of Ariana cheating. There were only words that came from his mouth, and those words could be said by anybody. Meanwhile, there IS proof that Ariana did not cheat, as said before. It all leads up to one factor. The timing. Even if she did–Which she didn’t– The childish thing to do would be what Jai did. You should never post stuff like that, no matter what. Be mature and keep it between the two. This goes for anybody!

   The Janoskianators and Arianators do not get along well because of all this drama, which i think is pretty dumb. First off, this has nothing to do with us. It is between Jai and Ariana, not us. Second, what would arguing do? Everybody at the moment on twitter is talking about how horrible it would be if Jai and Ariana got back together. Basically, what they are saying is, is their idols happiness would be horrible? You can say that you do not want Jai to get hurt again or that Ariana shouldn’t be with somebody that broke her heart, but honestly they can do whatever they want because it is their life and not ours. The only way to find out if they would work out is if they try. If we continue to spread hate to them, they will feel like they can’t be together, which may or may not be happening right now. Both fanbases should be ashamed of themselves. All of you make them WANT to hide their relationship status. I’m not saying they are together, but this is IF they are. Be happy for them. You wouldn’t want anybody talking about your relationship in that way, right? 

   To sum it all up, if Jai and Ariana are back together, everybody should leave it alone. Nobody is forcing you to like them as a couple, but go with it for the happiness of the people you support. Suck it up. Stop spreading hate. It makes you look immature. If they were meant to be, then so be it. I myself do not like them together, but if it is going to happen then I will support it for them. 

   What do you think about this? Tweet me. @Arianamajor 


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